Tuu Ra is a hip-hop/rap artist hailing from Brooklyn, New York.  


He developed his love and passion for music from an early age, playing the trumpet, guitar and piano in school. As an introverted individual, Tuu Ra found companionship with his limitless creativity and abundant imagination. 

Tuu Ra’s mother was Jamaican born educator and his father was a Haitian musician who has a monumental influence on his music. He grew up with a diverse and international mix of influences and started composing and producing original music at just 14 years of age! Tuu Ra now uses FL studio and Logic Pro to create his own beats from scratch. When songwriting his focus is incorporating his  metaphysical views & experiences which provides a unique outlook to his fans & listeners.


If you enjoy the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell, Mos Def, and the legendary Rakim then you’ll love Tuu Ra’s direct and edgy performance style. Tuu Ra is also inspired by his spiritual side and he uses music to promote positivity and joy in his own life and those around him.